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Men's Health 


What is testosterone? 

Testosterone is the major naturally occurring sex hormone in males and plays major roles in the body including muscle size and strength, bone growth and sex drive (libido). As men age these levels decrease. This decrease can lead to fatigue, decline in strength, weight gain, decreased sex drive and more. 

What causes low testosterone? 

Testosterone is a chemical hormone located in all humans. After age 30, testosterone levels begin to naturally decrease. Additional decrease in testosterone are due to increased body fat, environmental factors, medical, health conditions, hereditary and stress. 

How can Elite Medical help?

Low testosterone is an easily treatable condition that can improve aspects of your life. Treating this condition includes replacing this naturally occurring hormone to optimal levels. This includes a free consultation, comprehensive lab work including prostate screening, complete health screening, exam, personalized testosterone replacement plan, in person and Telehealth follow ups and repeat lab work to assess treatment goals.

Starts at $130.  

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